Thinking of Buying?

Let’s face it: A home is the largest personal investment most Canadians are likely to ever make…and one that should be approached with sound judgment, rational thinking and common sense. Successful equity investors don’t buy stocks because they like the letters in a ticker symbol or the colour of a company logo. They buy based on fundamentals that will meet their needs in the long term.

As a seasoned Calgary Realtor, Andy helps buyers weigh emotional reaction against market fundamentals. Is this the right home for me? My family? Will this neighborhood suit my lifestyle? My retirement? Is this the time to buy, to sell, to hold…to renovate? Answers to these questions require knowledge, experience, and a level of market awareness.

As Andy states with his trademark honesty, "No realtor can buy or sell 300 homes a year and still provide a personal touch to their clients."

"In a world full of mediocrity and half hearted enthusiasm, it is with a great pleasure that I recommend Andy Bukowski. Committed to excellence, Andy works tirelessly for his clients. As part of our Re/Max family, Andy epitomizes our credo as being "Above the Crow"."

- Andrew Nowosad

"My individual approach, based on personal attention and white-glove service, has allowed me to build a reputation of trust and integrity in Calgary’s robust and ever-changing real-estate market. Allow me to put my skills to work for you."